2016 Toyota Matrix redesign and changes

2016 Toyota Matrix is compact hatchback that is derived from Toyota Corolla. First model was produced for 2003 model year. It is produced in Canada as product of cooperation between Toyota and General Motors. It has its crossover version as well, that’s Toyota Vibe with who Matrix shares numerous mechanical and design parts. This vehicle stop its sales in United States in 2013, and in Canada in 2014. There are rumors that the new Toyota Matrix 2016 is going to be back at the US market for the 2016 model year.

2016 Toyota Matrix redesign and changes

2016 Toyota Matrix redesign

There are some rumors that the new model of this vehicle is going to come with numerous design changes, especially in the exterior area. These are only assumption because we are not really sure is this vehicle going come back to the US market after all. One of the possible replacements might be the Toyota Corolla hatchback, that’s been announced a few time in the past. New 2016 Toyota Matrix will definitely come with a new grille and front and rear bumpers. We can probably expect the new taillights and some large changes in the vehicle profile. There’s also a possibility that 2016 model is going to get a higher performance version, which is definitely going to come with the larger wheels. When it comes to interior, the old models didn’t offer much, which is probably the reason for their discontinuation after all. 2016 Toyota Matrix, if it comes out it all will definitely come with some nice interior changes. Its materials are going to upgraded with a possibility of getting leather upholstery in the higher trim levels, or with the higher performance version. We can also expect larger presence of soft-touch materials, UConnect infotainment system in the top trim and more leg and head room in the rear seat.

2016 Toyota Matrix redesign and changes

Toyota Matrix 2016 specs

Toyota Matrix 2016 performance segment is the hardest when it comes to these assumptions. 2013 model came with four cylinder engine and a 5-speed automatic transmission. Its 1,8-liter engine was able to produce 138 horsepower, while the 2,4-liter 4-cylinder that came with the higher trim levels was able to achieve 158 horsepower. This second engine might come with the new model as well, but the base version engine is definitely going to change. There is also a possibility of introduction of high performance version that would come with turbocharged engine, as well as the 2016 Toyota Matrix hybrid.

Toyota Matrix 2016 redesign and changes

2016 Toyota Matrix price and release date

Back in 2013 this vehicle was sold for $19,275, for the base trim level. We hope that the price for 2016 Toyota Matrix is not going to be much bigger than that, and if the price rises we can expect an increase between $1,000 and $2,000. There is still no information about the Toyota Matrix 2016 release date. Same as most of other 2016 Toyota vehicles, it is probably going to be promoted in first months of 2015, and it might arrive at the shoowrooms in the beginning of 2016.

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