2016 Toyota Corolla review, redesign

The 2016 Toyota Corolla is a future model of one of the best selling vehicles on the planet. First model came out in 1966, and until 1974 its popularity grow significantly, and it became the best selling car in the world. This vehicle was sold in eleven separate generations and until 2013 40 million units were sold making this line more popular than VW Beetle even. One of the main rivals of Corolla line up is also very popular Civic line up made by Honda. Last generation models were made different for Japanese and International markets. There’s still not much information about Toyota Corolla 2016 but it will not come with some big changes comparing to the current 2015 model.

2016 Toyota Corolla review, redesign

2016 Toyota Corolla redesign


The new 2016 Toyota Corolla will come with small changes in its exterior design. Current Corolla model came with very sharp styling. It is well proportioned and we doubt that Toyota is going to bring to many updates for 2016 model year. The Toyota Corolla 2016 might introduce some bigger curves and smaller changes in the grille and bumper area, since the current model is one of the most conservative looking vehicles on the market.

2016 Toyota Corolla interior


Interior layout of the 2016 Toyota Corolla will be very useful and well designed. Only remark of the current model is the second row head room lack, which makes taller people feel very tight in the back which can be really problematic during longer rides. The Toyota Corolla 2016 is going to come with the same amount of quality, when it comes to materials used inside the cabin, it is also going to share current models supportive seats, that became part of the Corolla line two years ago. When it comes to hi-tech, Toyota can be proud of its latest Entune system which is one of the best ones that affordable sedan class has to offer.

Toyota Corolla 2016 review, redesign

Toyota Corolla 2016 specs

The 2016 Toyota Corolla will offer two 1,8-liter 4-cylinder engines and both will come with almost the same amount of power and torque. First one is the engine that comes with the lower trim levels and it produces 132 horsepower and 128 power feet of torque. Engine that comes with LE Eco trim will offer little bit better output of 140 horsepower and little bit lower torque of 126 lb-ft, so although it comes with stronger output, it’s not that faster than the first one. The thing that makes this unit a better option is much lower fuel consumption. When it comes to transmission, you can choose from six speed automatic, that’s reasonably good to CVT automatic that offers nice performance, but feels little bit sluggish from a stop.

2016 Toyota Corolla review, redesign

2016 Toyota Corolla release date and price

Price of 2016 Toyota Corolla haven’t been announced yet, but we think that it is not going to be much different from last year’s $16,900 for the base version. The release date of the new Toyota Corolla 2016 should be set for end of next year.

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