2016 Toyota Avalon review, redesign, changes, refresh

2016 Toyota Avalon is the future model of the vehicle that’s been a flagship sedan in United States and Canada since the nineties. First model was introduced in 1994, and it is currently in its fourth generation, since 2012, when the first fourth generation model came out. Last year’s Avalon came with a nice shape and few good design details, one of the things that need to be changed though are the taillights which are little bit too generic looking. Since 2016 could be year for this model’s mid-generation update, we can expect a few more changes, probably in the front fascia, maybe a new grille, redesigned headlights, that can become a full LED in the upcoming Toyota Avalon 2016.

2016 Toyota Avalon review, redesign, changes, refresh

2016 Toyota Avalon refresh

Since 2016 Toyota Avalon definitely won’t be cheaper than the last model, and the current model suffer of luck of luxury for its price, we could expect some more luxury features inside the cabin. Current model still comes with some plastic, although with a nice texture, but these surfaces might be wrapped in some soft touch materials. We can also expect more wood grain and nicer metal ornaments on the dashboard. When it comes to space inside the cabin, we hope that nothing’s going to change, Avalon comes with enough space to fit at least five tall adults and the overall feel when it comes to seat comfort is much closer to Lexus than Toyota. We also expect some new connectivity features in the Toyota Avalon 2016, while the infotainment system, which is one of the best in the class, definitely shouldn’t be changed.

Toyota Avalon 2016 interior

Toyota Avalon 2016 hybrid

This 2016 Toyota Avalon will come with agile powertrain and nice handling. It is made for the slower smooth rides, but it can also add some fierce acceleration if needed. We don’t think that the new model is going to come with too many changes in the performance section, so the 3,5-liter V6 engine that is able to produce 268 horsepower and 248 lb-ft of torque is definitely going to be an option for the base Toyota Avalon 2016. It will come with three driving modes: Eco, Sport and Normal, and it is going to reach 60 mph in 6,7 seconds. There will be the hybrid version, and it will come with 2,5-liter 4-cylinder engine that’s going to be paired with lean Atkinson circle electric motor, and nickel-metal hybrid batteries. This vehicle traditionally comes with solid fuel efficiency, especially the hybrid model.

2016 Toyota Avalon release date, price

2016 Toyota Avalon release date and price

There’s still no relevant information about the price of 2016 Toyota Avalon. Since Toyota went wild with this vehicle price in recent years, we can expect a small pause in price updates, so we’ll probably be able to purchase a base level Avalon for around $33,000 in next model year as well. Toyota Avalon 2016 release date probably will be set for end of 2015.

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