2015 Toyota Wish price specs

Numerous announcements have been made concerning the design and release of the 2015 Toyota Wish mode, even though Toyota is yet to release any picture or price information concerning this much awaited model to the public, as the 2014 model, is still the current one and yet to see better sales in the market. Mainly inspired by the great demands arising from its buyers and enthusiasts the 2015 Wish will meet the expectations of many station wagon buyers with its features as its engineers built it to meet the customer’s wishes and Toyota will be glad to announce its release.

Its successful design completion will see that this car has the desirable comfort and looks that coupled with its elegant interior provides you with the luxury and cabin space that most cars in its segment won’t provide you with. It’s cabin, just like in its predecessor will also have three seat rows.

2015 Toyota Wish price specs

Design of the new 2015 Toyota Wish

The 2015 Wish will come with a few interior modifications. They include; quality carbon finishing, carbon upholstered seats and color meter cluster. It is well fitted and has sufficient interior space that sees the passengers are comfortable and is best suited for large families and can also be used as a commercial vehicle. Also, you could fold the rear seats to get more space that will be adequate for carrying more luggage.

The new 2015 Wish is expected to come equipped with; quality exterior views, décor on its rear door, new wider grille, new design rear lights, it is also fitted with LED indicators on its side mirrors, a sporty bumper (in different options) and brand new alloy wheels.

2015 Toyota Wish price specs

Under the hood of new Wish Toyota

The 2015 Toyota Wish will come fitted with a standard 2.0l or a slightly less 1.8l engine. The 2.0l valvematic 3ZR-FAE engine, is able to generate 152hp and 193Nm of torque and peaks at a fairly reduced 6,400 RPM. With the 2015 model its engine has been tuned to give a more enhanced fuel economy and release less in-terms of exhaust gasses while at the same time maintaining a smoother torque curve that previously started in the REV band.

The 1.8l 2ZR-FAE engine produces up to 143hp and 173Nm making 4000 RPM for the 2WD design and for its 4WD design it has a lessened power of up to 130Hp and 161Nm of torque that is able to do slightly less that 4000RPM. Just like the 2.0l these numbers have experienced a reduction compared to the outbound pre-facelift model which was able to produce 144hp/176Nm of torque for its 2WD and 133hp/164Nmor torque for the 4WD model.

2015 Toyota Wish price specs

Price and release date

The 2015 Toyota Wish stands out as one of the most efficient MVP for your daily duties. It is expected to be released at the start of 2015 and its price is not set to differ much with that of the 2014 model. The 1.8l 2WD model is estimated to go for about $24,500, the 1.8l 4WD model is estimated to go for $ 26,500 and lastly the 2.0l is estimated to cost about $ 32,000.

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