2015 Toyota Sienna redesign preview

2015 Toyota Sienna van continues the boxy design of its predecessor, the 2014 Toyota Sienna.  It will come to the market probably at the start of the 2015 year with base price around $30,000 for the basic version. We assume that under the hood of the new Toyota minivan will be the engine from the previous model, 3,5-liter engine with 266-hp and 245 lb-ft of torque. 2015 Toyota Sienna redesign preview

Toyota did their best when making 2014 Sienna mini-van. It had some really incredible features, lots of space inside the cabin, literarelly everything you would expect from a mini-van. Somehow all this wasn’t enough and Toyota Sienna didn’t reach expected number of sales. Although it was built on the same, but revised platform as Toyota Camry, somehow Sienna didn’t score even the half of Camry sales. Now it’s obvious that we are talking about two completely different vehicles, but Camry’s American campaign is the example how to make Americans fell in love with a Japanese vehicle, and Toyota Sienna’s one was the complete opposite from that. For the next model year Toyota will bring some cool updates, and try to make a better marketing of their legendary mini-van.

2015 Toyota Sienna redesign preview

Toyota minivan exterior design

Toyota Sienna has number of positive feature. Well designed exterior is not one of those. Toyota Sienna is also mockingly called ‘’The Box on Wheels’’. That tells you a lot about its exterior which hasn’t been changed for a long time. Toyota will need to update Sienna’s exterior, maybe even strip it to chassis and built it from scratch. There are rumors about Sienna is going to receive redesigned front and back bumpers. This would be a good start for a wider exterior update.

2015 Toyota Sienna redesign preview

Interior of Toyota Sienna van

Nickname ‘’Box on the Wheels’’ doesn’t tell only about Sienna’s plain and boxy exterior, but also it tells a lot about some positive features of this vehicle, and you guessed that’s the spacious cabin. When buying mini-vans we look for more space, enough for our family to fit in, plus some more space just in case. Spacious cabin is one of the best features Sienna has, and we hope that’s not going to be changed in 2015 model. Although there are number of options that Toyota plans to install inside the spacious Sienna’s cabin. Sienna will definitely need to get new, more modern navigation system, new dashboard design and more connectivity options if it ones to be competitive with other similar mini-vans.

2015 Toyota Sienna redesign preview

Under the hood of the 2015 Toyota Sienna

We don’t think the engine of the 2015 Sienna is going to change much. We can expect 3,5 liter from last year which developed 266 horsepower and 245 pound feet of torque. As you can see this is quite an efficient powertrain. In addition to that some rumors say new Sienna is going to cut its bodyweight for additional 20%. This can be done by adding aluminum body panels, and if Toyota decides to do that it will increase Sienna’s speed, acceleration and fuel efficiency.

2015 Toyota Sienna redesign preview

Release date and price

Bad marketing made 2014 Sienna doesn’t meet Toyota’s expectations. For the new model Toyota will definitely give more attention to this segment and it will probably make Sienna’s sale stats rise drastically. We are still not sure about the release date, there hasn’t been any official information, but we think it is going to debut in the end of 2014 and that’s going to hit the dealer shops in the beginning of 2015. We hope price is not going to change much from last year’s model, we can expect 2015 Toyota Sienna will cost $30,000 for the basic version.

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