2015 Toyota Innova specs

The new 2015 Toyota Innova will soon be available in the market. Many people of different age and class are willing to try out a new model of Toyota. Toyota has managed to conceal a lot of information concerning the 2015 model, though some details are clear. Below are some of the details concerning the remodeling of the 2015 Innova.

2015 Toyota Innova specs

Redesign of the new Innova

This new 2015 Toyota Innova will definitely get more than just a revamp; it will certainly feature some of the latest technology and innovations. Aboard are beige insides having better textile quality as well as new infotainment devices consisting of a rear display located on the cabin’s roof. Toyota is very conscious about the security features installed in their vehicles. In regard to this, twin airbags have been installed in the front with side-impact radiates fitted onto the chassis. The cabin is spacious offering enough leg and head room for both the driver and passengers. A smooth speed transmission will also be part of the package.

2015 Toyota Innova specs

A new distinct chrome grille graces the face of this new model, in addition to an upgraded bumper, chrome surrounds and fog lamp housing. Chrome additions have also been used in the rear of the vehicle especially around the extended tail light and number plate. 2015 Toyota Innova will most likely have perfect alternatives. Although some of the features of this new model will be similar to the predecessor’s, the nice riding and enhanced speed will provide a whole new level of pleasure yet to be experienced.

2015 Toyota Innova specs

2015 Toyota Innova Engine

Under the hood, will be a 2.0l engine with a VVT transmission with a 26 shut-off. This new engine system will deliver a horsepower rating of 136 at its minimum, and a 182 lb-ft torque. A diesel motor will also be provided as part of the engine system. This brand new Toyota Innova will also have a 2.5l engine option. This engine will comprise of D4-D making it possible to use the combined option with either VNT or variable nozzle turbo. This 2.5l engine will be capable of delivering a horsepower of 140 and 260 lb-ft torque. Even though Toyota offers a linked engine gadget, this model will offer great performance compared to previous models. 2015 Toyota Innova promises to deliver assertive effectiveness and bigger energy.

2015 Toyota Innova specs

Release date

When introduced to the market, this new model will definitely be the 4th iteration and as a result will certainly go for a higher price than its predecessor. The official release date is yet to be announced, though rumor suggests that it will hit showrooms early next year. After a complete transformation, 2015 Toyota Innova will offer greater performance and efficiency which will attract countless purchasers.

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