2015 Toyota HiAce price, specs

Toyota has a new design for the 2015 Toyota HiAce. It is more comfortable and has added safety feature equipment. It is designed to serve your cargo needs but at the same time giving you the driver and passengers comfort. The performance of this mpv is quite high making it an unbeatable automobile both on and off the road. Measuring 5380mm by 1880mm by 2285mm, gives it a big capacity for luggage and comfort. Weighing only 1700pounds, it is quite light for a van of its caliber which allows it to cruise quite quickly while riding it.

Toyota MPV

2015 Toyota HiAce powertrain

Coming at $59990, 2015 Toyota HiAce will have quite a high powertrain to make it worth the price tag. With four 3.0liter cylinder engines a horsepower of 149 is what this mpv produces and the torque is at 241. The fuel efficiency is quite commendable being at 12.3 to 13.0 liters of diesel per mile depending on whether it is in city or highway. The fuel usage is 11.6, 7.8 and 9.2 liters per kilometer in city, highway and combined respectively. It takes only 14 seconds to reach 100mph from a standstill which is quite commendable and so is the highest speed being at 160miles per hour.

2015 Toyota HiAce

2015 Toyota HiAce accessories

The Japanese based Toyota Company offers their customers a 3-year warranty for 2015 Toyota HiAce which is equivalent to 100,000 kilometers. This only goes to show the faith they have in their new 14-seater automobile. The mpv is made of quality materials and the comfort is top notch. For music lovers, this car will give a great driving experience with great entertainment. With a four-speaker stereo, the sound of music you will enjoy is among the best in the industry. The audio deck gives you many options allowing you to listen to music from many varying sources you may have accompanying you on the road. There is an input socket for mp3, CD, cassettes, USB, iPod, MP3 decoder and so much more.

2015 Toyota HiAce

2015 Toyota HiAce review of design

The factory tinted windows will serve to maintain your privacy for the people in the 2015 Toyota HiAce as well as that of the luggage carried. The air conditioning will keep give you comfort and relaxation as you may need regardless of whether it is hot or cold outside the mpv. The great front suspension system will also act to reduce sound and increase more comfort. The bucket seats at the front will grant you maximum seating comfort and big enough neck and shoulder space. There is just so much in the 2015 Toyota HiAce for you to have a smooth ride in it. Some of them include cruise control, door pockets, cup holders, cloth trims and so much more.


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