2015 Toyota Fuel cell car price

Toyota recently revealed that they are currently working on the final design of its much awaited 2015 Toyota Fuel Cell car. With Toyota’s announcement of its first commercial hydrogen fuel cell cars, the giant car maker also confirmed the sedan will be based on the 2013 Tokyo motor show showcased concept model.


According to the Japanese giant car manufacturer, the yet to be named FC sedan will be able to cruise approximately 700km about 435miles and a very short refueling time of about 3 minutes and shall only give water vapor as its end product as it only reacts H and O2.

2015 Toyota Fuel cell car price

We expect the H car to blend concept cues, with the Japanese global baldness design for the fuel cell car which is as much significant as the numbers involved in making its futuristic look a reality.

Toyota Fuel Cell car Lowdown

Toyota first showcased the hydrogen fuel cell cars concept in 2013 at the Tokyo auto show and with this much advancement towards the making of a commercial H car is sheer proof of Toyota’s ambition to launch first before any of its rivals –a commercial fuel cell car.

We may doubt the future of hydrogen fuel cell cars, but looking back at the 1990’s Toyota’s commitment to the making of hybrid cars, we see a viable future in this too.

Toyota will launch the initial fuel cars in specific areas in Japan –which support H refueling- first. Today, there’s only 1 existing H fueling center in the UK near the London’s Heathrow airport which is a big shortcoming considering you live far away from this point.

2015 Toyota Fuel cell car price

Toyota’s -Environmental mission

Toyota all over the world stands out as the most devoted company when it comes to the green movement as it is committed to developing automobiles that are kinder to our world today with its three key principles: low emissions from vehicle, adopting diverse energy sources, and gearing towards positive environmental changes by popularizing these vehicles to its customers.

The fuel cell sedan will use Toyota’s hydrogen stack, which was developed through Japan and U.S combined trials on the FCHV –crossover in the real world since 2002.


Toyota hasn’t yet given much info on its power train design neither has is it also shared any specifications, but has assured the public that driving this Futuristic car and its performance characteristics will be much the same as the conventional gas powered same size saloon.

Main challenges will be re-fueling it as not many countries carry out considerable fuel car customer awareness or even have readily installed and functional H refueling centers/infrastructure. But Toyota is certain that their history with the hybrid car models is proof that they can make to release this new product to the market.

2015 Toyota Fuel cell car price

2015 Toyota Fuel Cell car price and release date

In Europe, these hydrogen fuel cell cars will be introduced step by step, by introducing them in specific markets that will have then adopted the H fueling to support this venture and popularize it all over the world gradually as H is considered as the next-Gen fuel for automobiles.

The Japanese government is expected to offer tax breaks to the Japanese as well as subsidize the cost of production of these cars, thus be able to realize a price of about $20,000 per unit by the year 2025. It is also aiming at establishing over 100 H fueling stations by March 2016 in areas where these vehicles will be initially sold.

These hydrogen fuel cell cars can effectively run 5 times longer compared to the electric cars operating on batteries, and have tanks that can be refilled in just a few minutes compared to charging which takes 30 minutes to a couple of hours or the battery powered cars.

Toyota will launch its fuel cell sedan in April 2015 and in early summer in Europe and in the U.S. This car will sell at approximately 7million Japanese yen about $68,664 in Japan and is seen as an absolute rival for the Tesla that starts at $69,000. The pricing of 2015 Toyota Fuel Cell car outside Japan is yet to be announced.

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