2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser review and specs

Even though Toyota announced that 2014 will be the last year of FJ Cruiser’s market featuring, there are still those selected few that hope and believe that this Toyota SUV will stick for at least one more year. If that happens, and decision should be made sooner, rather than later, 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser will be carried over without any significant changes.

Toyota FJ Cruiser review of design

Exterior will keep its front end with sturdy bumper and small grille with retro circular headlights that come straight out of sixties. Rear end comes with yet another almost forgotten feature and that is spare tire mounted on the tailgate. FJ Cruiser’s most impressive features are closely connected with its body structure as this allows it to have 28 inches deep water fording limit and 30 degree angles that prevent ground contact.

2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser review and specs

Interior is as rugged as its exterior looks at some degree. Cloth upholstery and hard plastics are pragmatical choices as no one would like to ruin fine leather seats with mud and water that are bound to enter the cabin at some point. Everything you need to know, you can find by looking at the information display as touch screen would be too much hussle in this type of vehicle. Besides that, FJ Cruiser has temperature display, compass and gyroscope at the top of the dashboard which are more handy to off-road drivers than touch screen navigation. Six airbags in a retro SUV are enough to keep you safe and Toyota’s old school baby comes with a few more safety features, including rear parking sensors which are recommended as thick rear pillars can be a problem when parking in reverse.

2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser review and specs

Powertrain of the new Toyota 4×4

Just like Trails Team Ultimate Edition from 2014, FJ Cruiser of 2015 will have 4.0L V6 engine which develops 260 hp and 271 lb-ft of torque and is paired with either 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission. Even though RWD can be chosen, it is highly recommended to opt for 4×4 models in order to fully experience the off-road capabilities of this retro SUV. Depending on a transmission and drivetrain choice, FJ Cruiser should have a fuel economy ratings between 16 mpg combined and 18 mpg combined for 4WD, manual transmission and RWD or 4WD with automatic transmission, respectively.

2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser review and specs

2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser release date and price

Release date and price of the new 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser have not yet been announced. Prices will depend on transmission and drivetrain configuration as there are no conventional trim levels to choose from. They should remain close to where they are now and RWD models should cost around $28,000, while 4WD option will raise the price tag to almost $30,000.

If Toyota shows mercy to, we have to say, sadly insignificant number of people that wouldn’t change all the comfort in the World for sheer off-road fun, 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser will see the light of day and will be as good as it ever was.

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