2015 Toyota Estima hybrid

To begin with, I have to admit that the 2015 Toyota Estima hybrid offers exceptional qualities compared to other minivans in its segment, particularly its front end tires that appear to be astonishingly vigorous and seem to suit it best.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid


Its style doesn’t hinder its performance. However, this quality of the Estima minivan goes without mention. It has an excellent back view and the substantial side mirrors increase the all round view while in this this minivan, giving you a clear sight of what surrounds you and make you not feel blinded while driving this car. The 2015 Estima hybrid is not fitted with the front side mirrors like the Toyota Alphard Hybrid Minivan though it still will be possible to comfortably view what’s going on around you using its conventional side mirrors.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid

Toyota Estima accessories

The 2015 Estima hybrid is seen to come with some upgrades and extra touches on some areas like the; gas and speed record gauges which will have a different and more eye friendly lighting, which is viewed as an excellent touch to this model. Also, the 2015 Estima hybrid model used for testing in the U.S was seen not to compromise on passenger comfort as it provides ample leg room to comfortably all its immediate 5 passengers. It is fitted with electric doors, Bluetooth connectivity enhancing its hands free feature, and a new infotainment display system.

It comes with an EV button and a striking it places the van into electric power mode, though earlier test drives showed that the electric battery did not store enough charge it was still able to take off from a stop and do well about 20 minutes before it dies off.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid

Performance of 2015 Toyota Estima

It has a 2.4l 2AZ-FXE-DOHC 4-cylinder engine that is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission making this 5 door station wagon among the most effective an efficient minivans to look for in the market. The 2016 Estima will be available in the 2WD and an optional 4WD which will give extra power.

Official reports show that the Estima can yield up to 20km on each liter of gas about 47Mpg tested using the older Japanese 10-15 mode test pattern which is a remarkable performance compared to other hybrid cars.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid

By looking at its EPA rating figures, you’ll directly see that they Toyota Estima is a very fuel efficient car an will definitely be the best buy in the U.S market as it offers you 38-40 Mpg at the same time allowing you to ferry your large family or carry a substantial amount of goods comfortably due to its large cabin space and folding rear seats.

Price and release date

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid is estimated to retail at about $33,000 and it set to be released by the end of 2014 and then start mass production.

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